Disneyland Paris in Minecraft

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Alpha Phase

What is RCThemePark

This all started a few years ago when MCImagineers started building this beautiful map. They decided to stop the project, and wouldn’t continue. Our team contacted them to see if we could continue with this project and finish it with even more magic. Now our team is working hard on this project, building it, and developing it to create a magical  experience for you to never forget. 

Here on RCThemePark we are creating the magic online! With our heavily optimized server performance, we try to create the most beautiful and playable  recreation of Disneyland Paris in Minecraft. Even with a low end pc you should be able to experience all the magic with reduced lag.

The Most Magical Experience

btm train on mountain

Advanced Ride Systems

With our Advanced ride systems you can experience the ride with a realistic look and feel, together with our Audio Client you can even hear the magic. Almost all the rides have their own control panel where you can be in control and decide when to send other guests onto their magical journey. After your magical ride, don’t forget to buy your own Ride Photo.

mainstreet to castle

Magical Audio Client

What would Disneyland Paris be without music. By connecting to our audio client, you can enjoy all the music you can hear around the park. Even all the rides have their own audio so you can feel completely immersed during your unforgettable ride!

disney village entrance

Disney Village

Experience Disney Village like never before, feel immersed in all the stores where you can buy different items. When it’s getting dark, Disney Village turns into a whole dance area where you can enjoy music and party with friends. 

More information will become available when this features launches!

RCThemePark Donation Store

rctp rank adventure pass

Adventure Pass

– [AdventurePass] Prefix
– Join Priority
– Ride Operator
– 500x Magic Coins
– 20x Universal FastPasses
– 1 Day Early Access
– 1x Exclusive Item
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rctp rank discovery pass

Discovery Pass

– [DiscoveryPass] Prefix
– Join Priority
– Ride Operator
– 1000x Magic Coins
– 50x Universal FastPasses
– 3 Day Early Access
– 3 Day Early Operating Access
– 2x Exclusive Item
And much more…

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Fantasy Pass

– [FantasyPass] Prefix
– Join Priority
– Ride Operator
– 1500x Magic Coins
– 100x Universal FastPasses
– 5 Day Early Access
– 5 Day Early Operating Access
– 3x Exclusive Item
And much more…

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